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Play responsibly

Flytonic don’t encourage to play or gambling more than you can afford to lose. Take gambling as entertainment rather source of earning and use your judgement before betting. Flytonic is not responsible if you lose money in gambling.

Online gambling ought to be treated as an entertainment choice or leisure pastime, the same as going to a cinema or theater or taking your loved ones out for a meal. However, for most people, gambling can easily cross incrementally from being an entertainment option to problem gambling and addictive behavior. Problem gambling can have a very negative effect on a person’s life, not just financially, but can also adversely affect their mental health. Excessive gambling on a regular basis can put people under immense mental pressure and can ultimately result in a situation where an individual starts risking more than they can afford to lose.

To promote responsible gambling and prevent problem gambling read this guide to know which individuals are at a higher risk of finding themselves prone to bad gambling behaviors and how you can make the right decisions to play responsibly.

Who Is At Risk Of Problem Gambling?

First, studies have shown that pathological gambling is somehow genetically inherited. Therefore, some individuals are at a higher risk of getting addicted to gambling online and are more likely to become victims of problem gambling. For someone who realizes that they have some form of problem gambling, it has possibly been something they have had to deal with since they were initially exposed to online gambling. Such individuals have always preferred to stay on their computers and gamble all day rather than interact with their friends.

It is very important for such people to be aware of what they are going through and are strongly advised to avoid participating in any form of gambling because it can be quite slippery for them. If such individuals choose to bet, then they must do so very cautiously and under some kind of supervision of close friends that can monitor their actions and alert them when they think they are crossing the line between addiction and entertainment.

The second group that is at risk is those going through immense pressure or having been victims of traumatic events. Such extreme situations might have an effect on an individual’s gambling patterns and could eventually turn recreational punters into addicts or compulsive gamblers. Keep off gambling if you feel your life is not stable.

The third risk group is people who cannot make solid decisions regarding their lives. Anyone under the legal gambling age in the United States, 18, should not even consider gambling online (in fact, no online casino will allow children to play). Furthermore, mentally challenged individuals or those that have health conditions and cannot make informed decisions should not take part in any form of gambling.

How To Play Responsibly?

Do you think you are the kind of person to fall into the trap of problem gambling or have you just begun to play online? If so, we have listed five essential rules. Also, evaluating how online gambling and betting sites can themselves help control your gambling will allow you to gamble online in a fun and healthy way.

5 Rules Of Playing Responsibly

  1. Only opt to play online for fun and entertainment purposes. Remember, professional gambling is very different.
  2. Think of any amount of money lost as the cost of having fun, the same way you could have gone to the theatre and bought a ticket to watch your favorite movie. Also, think of your winnings as a bonus.
  3. Set a reasonable bankroll for your gambling endeavors and always stick to it.
  4. Set reasonable periods for your online betting activities and do everything possible to stick to it.
  5. Gambling is risky and you should always expect to lose since there is a house edge.

How Internet Casinos Promote Responsible Betting and Gambling

Unlike their land-based counterparts that have been previously accused of designing environments that facilitate problem gambling, for example by not having windows or clocks to falsify the time spent at the casino, online casinos have implemented a more mature approach to problem gambling through the adoption of tools and policies to encourage responsible gambling.

Some of the tools that are offered by the casinos we recommend include:

  • Time outs–The online casino can close your account whenever you request them to do so. You cannot access your account to play during this time. The casino also stops sending you any promotional/marketing materials.
  • Self-exclusion–Besides time-out, online gambling sites can close your account indefinitely. They will not re-activate it after any period. If you want them to reactive the account, you must contact the customer support team. Most online casinos will only re-open the account after about 24 to 48 hours of cooling off period.
  • Loss limits–Some online casinos offer some loss limits where players can specify how much they can afford to lose over a specific period.
  • Deposit limits–This feature allows players to set the amount they wish to deposit every week. Once set, you cannot surpass this weekly deposit limit.

Minors’ Protection

Responsible betting also means the most responsible parenting. With the easy accessibility of the internet in almost every home across the United States, the following tips can help you make sure that minors under the legal gambling age do not get the chance to gamble online.

  1. Do not leave your Mac/PC unattended when gambling online.
  2. Always make sure that you protect your casino account with a strong password that your kids cannot easily guess.
  3. Keep the passwords in a very safe place
  4. Remember to use effective internet filtering software to stop minors from gaining access to gambling websites.

Get Help

Do you feel as if you have a problem gambling and have tried all that has been outlined above and nothing seems to work? No need to worry because they are many organizations and groups that can help.

You can get in touch with any of the following professional websites via phone, email or chat and they will help deal with the situation.

  • National Problem gambling–0800 0234 650
  • Gamblers anonymous
  • Gamble aware–0808 8020 133
  • GamCare–0808 8020 133

Please always remember to practice responsible gambling.


All services are performed based on the agreement with customer. Scope of change in service will require additional fees.

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